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    • Administration: 586-469-6999
    • Community Action Centers: 586-469-5222
      Offering emergency support services and information and referrals for income eligible Macomb County residents.
      • North Community Action Center: 586-749-5146
      • Central Community Action Center: 586-469-6964
      • South Community Action Center: 586-759-9150
    • Head Start 0-5: 586-469-5215
      • Early Head Start
        Free early childhood education and development services for income eligible pregnant women and families with children ages 0-3 in Macomb County.
      • Head Start Preschool
        Free preschool for income eligible Macomb County families with children ages 3-4.
    • Home Preservation and Energy (Weatherization): 586-469-6329
      Provides weatherization measures in homes to reduce energy use and lower utility costs.
    • Individual Development Account (IDA) Program: 586-469-7378
      Down payment assistance for eligible first time home buyers.
    • Macomb Food Program: 586-469-6004
      To obtain emergency food, please call United Way information/referral at 2-1-1 (or 1-800-552-1183).
    • Office of Senior Services: 586-469-5228
    • Transportation: 586-469-5225
      Limited transportation to essential medical appointments is provided to eligible Macomb County residents.
    • Support the Services for Veteran Families: 586-469-6314


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