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August 9, 2008


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Coin toss settles election tie -- Parker elected precinct delegate

Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds Carmella Sabaugh today flipped a half-dollar coin at 10 am in her Mount Clemens office to determine the winner of a tied Sterling Heights precinct delegate race. Precinct delegate candidates Timothy L. Parker and Mark Valente, Jr. each received 16 votes out of 162 cast in precinct 47.

In the case of a tie, state law requires the county clerk to place two slips of paper into a box - one slip to say "Elected" and the other "Not Elected." The coin flip will determine which candidate draws the first slip of paper. Both candidates were notified of the toss, but neither was present. Sabaugh designated staff members to draw, and Mr. Parker's representative called "tails" and got to draw the first slip, pulling "Elected" giving him the position.

"Every single vote matters and in this race just one more vote either way would have swayed the election," said Sabaugh.

Michigan law does not allow recounts in precinct delegate elections.

Precinct delegate positions are unique because they are the only elections that were certified Tuesday evening. All other election results remain unofficial until the county or local board of canvassers certifies the results, which is expected by the end of the week

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