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January 19, 2010


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Macomb County Clerk Announces Top Baby Names for 2009

Many parents will say that a newborn baby can be a darling blessing from heaven, but some happy parents in Macomb County took that notion literally in 2009, naming their babies Darling, Blessing, and Heaven. And while there were five Angels born in Macomb County in 2009, only one baby wore the name Halo.


Of the 3,896 births recorded in Macomb County, Ava, Jayden (which can either be a boy or girl name), and Anthony were the top three names chosen. However, Macomb County residents proved that variety can be the spice of life.


“A lot of parents were pretty creative this year with names,” said Carmella Sabaugh, Macomb County Clerk/Register of Deeds. “You get a sense for how excited some new parents are just based on what they name their children.”


The hopeful and inspirational names Gold, Eden, Genesis, Kharma, and Athena were all unique to just one Macomb County child each in 2009.


Locations were also big in 2009, with an Ireland, a Georgia, an America, a Memphis, a Jerzey, three girls named Paris, and nineteen Brooklyn’s. There was even a Cass, possibly named after the thoroughfare that runs through Mount Clemens, or maybe Lewis Cass, 2nd Governor of the Michigan Territory.


The changing of the seasons seemed to inspire some parents as well. There was one Winter (and a Wynter), four Summers, five Autumns, and although there were no Spring’s, there was a May.


One of the most popular names for recent years is Cameron, but 2009 brought six ways of spelling it: Cameron, Kameryn, Kameron, Kamren, Kamron, and Kamryn.


“Now, I don’t want to show favorites, but one name on the list certainly does stand out above most others,” said Sabaugh, “You’ll just have to guess what it could be.” The name Carmella appeared once in 2009.


The most popular names for boys and girls in Macomb County in 2009 were:


  2009 Top Boys’ Baby Names
1. Anthony
2. Jacob
3. Michael
4. Joseph
5. Logan
6. Noah
7. Andrew
8. John
9. Nathan
10. Christian
2009 Top Girls’ Baby Names
1. Ava
2. Isabella
3. Olivia
4. Madison
5. Brooklyn
6. Abigail
7. Emma
8. Alexis
9. Emily
10. Ella/Sophia (tie)

Taking a look back fifty years, here were the top boys’ and girls’ names in 1960 out of 5,247 Macomb County births:

  1960 Top Boys’ Baby Names
1. David
2. James
3. Michael
4. Mark
5. John
6. Robert
7. William
8. Thomas
9. Richard
10. Steven
1960 Top Girls’ Baby Names
1. Mary
2. Susan
3. Karen
4. Linda
5. Patricia
6. Kimberly
7. Sandra
8. Debra
9. Deborah
10. Denise

The Macomb County Clerk’s Office maintains records of Macomb County births dating back to 1867.  Birth records are not public, unless they are at least 100 years old.



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