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Case Management Division

The Case Management Division, assisted by a staff of four, ensures that cases flow smoothly through the court system. The staff issues discovery and case evaluation scheduling orders as well as trial procedural orders. The staff schedules cases for trial or other hearings, prepares "dockets" listing cases scheduled for given days, and tracks action taken by the Judges of the Court. Motion schedules are prepared by the Case Management Division Clerks. The staff also enters answers to complaints into the Court's computer system. The staff answers questions from the public, litigants and attorneys about the status of cases and the location of court proceedings.

Contact Information:

General docket questions:  (586) 469 5150

Motions:  (586) 469 5174

No Progress/No service:  (586) 469 5155

Case Evaluation/ADR

"Circuit Court Case Evaluation" is an alternative dispute resolution process which requires that most civil cases be evaluated by a panel of three experienced attorney "evaluators" who review written and oral presentations and "evaluate" the monetary value of each case. It is designed to encourage parties to settle their lawsuits short of time consuming and expensive trials by the threat of monetary sanctions if the evaluation is rejected. Once a case is evaluated by a panel, a party who rejects that evaluation faces the possibility of paying the actual costs, including reasonable attorney fees, of the opposing party for the remainder of the case unless the rejecting party improves its position at trial. These costs can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Thus, there is strong incentive to resolve cases.

The Case Evaluation/ADR Clerks are responsible for implementing the court rule. They schedule hearings in appropriate civil cases, receive the written case summaries, track the evaluations and follow up on the required documentation. Cases not resolved in the case evaluation process are scheduled for trial.

'ADR' or 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' is a process created by Michigan court rule, MCR 2.410, in which parties are referred to a mediator who helps them resolve their dispute, rather than litigate it in court.  A judge can refer a case to ADR after consultation with the parties.

Contact:  586 469 6039

Case Evaluator applications are accepted at any time, but the cut-off date for the annual review of the case evaluator lists is October 1st of each year.  A Case Evaluation/ADR Advisory Committee consisting of two judges and three representatives of the Macomb County Bar Association meets, reviews and approves/disapproves of applications.  See LAO 2004-7 on the Publications page.  ADR 'mediator' or 'provider' are accepted at any time.  Depending on the number pending, the Case Evaluation/ADR Advisory Committee may approve them at other times during the year.

Case evaluator application, click here.

ADR provider application, click here.

Specialty Court Services

Specialty Court Services oversees the Adult Felony Drug Court, the Veterans' Treatment Court and the Specialized Business Docket.  The department also provides substance abuse assessments to the bench for all drinking and driving convictions as mandated.  Applications to the specialty courts can be dropped off on the 5th floor of the Court Building or faxed to (586) 783-8179.  For more information, or for specific forms, please refer to the websites for each area or contact the department at the number listed below.

Contact at:  (586) 469-5016

Specialty Court website links :

Adult Drug Court

Veterans' Treatment Court

Specialized Business Docket

Judicial Aide

Judicial Aide is a division of the Macomb County Circuit Court Administration. The Macomb County Circuit Court Local Administrative Order 2010-1 governs the selection, appointment and compensation of counsel who represent indigent parties in the Macomb County Circuit Court pursuant to MCR 8.123. Defendants are not entitled to free representation and, based on their ability to pay, are required to reimburse Macomb County for the cost of their representation.

Judicial Aide is responsible to appoint:

  • Counsel to indigent parties for felony cases;
  • Counsel to indigent parties for felony appellate and juvenile appellate cases;
  • Counsel to parents and children for neglect/abuse cases;
  • Counsel to juveniles for delinquency cases;
  • Foreign language interpreters; and,
  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.

Judicial Aide has been designated as the Court's contact for individuals needing accommodation pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Judicial Aide is also responsible for collecting money from defendants that have been ordered to pay court assessments. We collect on court-appointed counsel, foreign language interpreters, transcript fees and expert witness fees. We work with defendants on payment arrangements, wage assignments, processing requests for information, the approval for return of cash bonds and requests to duplicate video courtroom proceedings in which a court reporter is not present. All requests for payments (counsel, interpreter, ASL, expert witness and transcripts) are reviewed and verfied by staff prior to submission of payment.

Other responsibilities of this division includes financial reviews, financial recommendations to the Circuit Court Bench at sentencing and/or hearings, cashiering and returning restitution funds to victims.

Contact:  (586) 469 5156

Click here to visit the Circuit Court Forms page where you can find all Judicial Aide forms, applications, and fee schedules.

Family Counseling Service

Family Counseling assists the Macomb County Circuit Court in the assessment of domestic cases in which issues of custody and parenting time of minor children have been brought before the Court. These may be situations with parties who have never married, have divorced, or who are in the process of divorcing. Services are rendered only upon referral order of the Court.

Services are provided by independent contractors.

A fee is charged for each service and must be paid before appointments may be set. The Judge determines the amount of the fee to be paid when the case is referred. Generally, the fee is $700.00. The Judge will determine how the fees are to be paid; each party normally pays half of the fee. Fees are payable at the office of the Family Counseling Service. If the fees are paid by check or money order, they must be made payable to Macomb County. Fees may be paid by credit card by calling Government Payment Services, Inc. at 1-888-604-7888. There is a service fee for payments made by credit card.

Initial appointments are usually set at 9:00 a.m. or at 1:00 p.m. Evening and weekend appointments are not available. The parent who maintains physical custody is usually scheduled for the first appointment. Children ages five years and older are also seen. It is recommended that another adult accompany the parent who brings the children to the interview as the children remain in the waiting room during the parent's interview.

Services of Family Counseling:

Evaluation - Evaluations consist of a one-time interview of the parties, minor child(ren) ages five years and older, significant others, current spouses, and/or other parties as the Judge or contractor determine necessary. A written report and recommendation is submitted to the Court.

The parties and minor child(ren) are interviewed individually. The written recommendation is the opinion of the independent contractor conducting the evaluation. The Judge makes the final decision. Copies of the report are sent to the Judge, to the Friend of the Court and to each attorney or non-represented party.

Parental Coordination Evaluation - The purpose of this program is to help monitor parenting time issues. Four to six sessions are scheduled with the parties seen individually or together. The parties sign a release form which allows immediate feedback to be provided to the Court regarding parenting time issues.  The fee for this service is $800.00.

Counseling - 'Counseling' consists of four to six sessions. Issues relating to parenting time or custody matters are discussed. Any information obtained during these sessions is confidential. No report or recommendation is submitted to the Court. The parties, minor child(ren) ages five years and older, significant others, current spouses, or other parties that the Judge or independent contractor determine necessary will be seen during this time. The appointment with the custodial parent and minor child(ren) is designated as Session 1; the appointment with the non-custodial parent is designated as Session 2. Subsequent joint sessions are set to the schedule of the parties and the independent contractor.

Mediation - Mediation consists of four to six sessions. The parties work with the independent contractor to prepare a written agreement which outlines their parenting issues. Any information obtained during these sessions is confidential. A summary of the parties' agreement will be submitted to the Court and the Friend of the Court at the conclusion of the mediation sessions. The appointment with the custodial parent and minor child(ren) is designated as Session 1; the appointment with the non-custodial parent is designated as Session 2. Subsequent joint sessions are set to the schedule of the parties and the contractor.

Contact:    (586) 469-5204

Friend of the Court

The Friend of the Court was created by State statute to assist the Court in handling domestic relations cases.

More details on the Friend of the Court are available at Friend of the Court

Contact at:  (586) 469 5160

Research Department and Law Library

The Macomb County Circuit Court Research Department consists of the Court Counsel, six research attorneys and a judicial secretary. The Research Department provides research and writing assistance to the Judges of the Circuit Court. The Department also maintains the Macomb County Law Library--the only public law library in Macomb County. The Law Library contains many reference materials covering state and federal law. The Law Library also has sections on probate law, family law, commercial law, taxes and criminal law. The Law Library is a valuable resource which is frequently used by members of the public interested in law, local businesses, students and lawyers. The Law Library is open during the Court's business hours.

Although the research staff utilizes computer-assisted legal research through WestLaw, LexisNexis and CD ROM materials, computer stations are not available to the public.

The Court Counsel supervises the summer law clerks and externship programs for students in local law schools.

To view an informational booklet about the Law Library, click here.

Juvenile Division

380 North Rose Street
Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043
Phone: (586) 469-5240

The Juvenile Division of the Macomb County Circuit Court has exclusive jurisdiction in cases involving youths under the age of seventeen and concurrent jurisdiction over those over seventeen, but not yet eighteen. It offers a number of programs for youth who are at risk due to abuse, neglect or delinquency. The Division also presides over adoption requests in Macomb County. Each year approximately 4,500 youths receive some form of service from the Juvenile Division. Interventions run the gamut from prevention services, to probation, detention in the Juvenile Justice Center and placement in facilities offered by private and state authorities. There are over 90 employees in the Juvenile Division.

More information is available on the Juvenile Division page.

Reimbursement Division

40 N. Main St., 5th Floor   Juvenile Court Office
Mt. Clemens, MI  48043   380 N. Rose
Phone: (586) 469-5258   Mt. Clemens, MI  48043
Office hours  8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.   (586) 469-5420


The Reimbursement Division assists the 16th Judicial Circuit Court Juvenile Division in reimbursement of court ordered assessments and the cost of care and service for youth in juvenile cases.  Michigan law requires that the costs that are incurred by a child or a parent in the Macomb County Juvenile System be reimbursed by the parents, the child and/or other legally responsible persons consistent with their ability to pay.  The amount of the monthly reimbursement payment is determined by the assigned Referee or Judge based on financial information supplied by the responsible person(s).  Failure to provide financial information may result in an order of full payment of the actual costs


Financial statements are to be completed by the parents and/or other legally responsible persons.  In addition, the following documentation will be required:

Prior year Federal tax return, schedules and W-2 form

Three current paycheck stubs

Statement of Social Security (if applicable)

Statement of government assistance

ADC, DHS, Workman’s Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, disability insurance), if applicable.

Copy of divorce decree (if applicable)

Medical insurance information

Copy of driver’s license or other ID


Cost of Care Expenses

Attorney Fees

Probation Fees      

Diversion Services

Medical Fees                                


Other Miscellaneous Fees and Costs


Government benefits and child support payments are to be paid to the County of Macomb during the period in which a child is placed in  care outside of the home by Juvenile Division.  Benefits include but are not limited to child support, Social Security, Supplemental Social Security, Veterans payments, Adoption Subsidies, trust funds.



Reminder notices will be periodically be sent to responsible parties.  Payments are due monthly as established by the Reimbursement Order.

Checks and money orders are payable to Macomb County.  Include the case number on any checks or money orders.

Voluntary wage assignments are available for automated payment deduction.

Payments may be made by credit card via the Government Payment Service by calling (800) 989 7780 referencing ‘pay location 1443.’


Failure to pay Court ordered assessments, including reimbursement, in a timely manner may result in the issuance of an order to show cause why you should not be held in contempt of court, a bench warrant for your arrest, penalties pursuant to state law, a court ordered wage assignment, garnishment, and any other remedy allowed by law.


A person who fails to pay a fee or costs in full within 56 days of the date it is due and owing will be subject to a  late penalty in the amount of 20% of  the amount owed pursuant to MCL 600.4803.


Bond monies may be retained by the Court in payment of juvenile costs.  MCR 5.935(c)(6)(a).


Questions or problems regarding court ordered reimbursement may be submitted by letter stating the nature of the question or problem to:

Macomb County Reimbursement Division

ATTN:  Reimbursement Director

10 North Main, 5th Floor

Mount Clemens  MI  48043


An interested party in a juvenile proceeding has the right to request a hearing before the assigned judge or referee.  If so the interested party must request a hearing pursuant to the Michigan court rules. 


The parents, guardians, custodians of the juvenile and any other individual involved in the case, shall keep the Court/Reimbursement Division informed, in writing, of their current mailing address. 



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