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4-H Youth Development Forms

Annual Summary Financial Report & Club Inventory Report

These forms must be completed by the club treasurer and general leader at the end of each program year.  Both forms must be turned in to the MSU Extension 4-H Office no later than November 1.  A copy of each form should be kept for club records.

Annual Summary Financial Report  

4-H Club Inventory Report

Club Registration Forms
For this program year, the enrollment deadline for returning members who wish to show projects at the 2015 Armada Fair has been extended to six weeks after the launch of 4-H Online. While the county's deadline to enroll/reenroll has been extended, clubs may have their own enrollment deadlines due to the nature of their projects.

Macomb County MSU Extension now has club enrollment packets with all necessary materials except 4-H Online enrollment instructions available. Instructions for using 4-H Online will be available in mid- to late January. Returning members registering online within six weeks of 4-H Online going live will not be penalized for registering after the traditional Macomb County reenrollment deadline. Participation fee payments should be sent to Macomb County MSU Extension, Attn: 4-H, 21885 Dunham Road, Suite 12, Clinton Township, MI 48036. Make checks payable to MSU. Macomb County MSU Extension will continue to update families with information about 4-H Online as it becomes available.

2014-15 4-H Club Enrollment Packet Materials

Code of Conduct Forms

County Awards Forms
County Awards applications must be returned to the Macomb County MSU Extension 4-H Office or be postmarked by the 1st Monday in December . Contact Lizz Duran at 586-469-6090 if you have any questions about the County Awards process or the forms listed.

Adult Awards

Special Awards

Project Awards

Exploration Days

Fundraiser Application Form

The Fundraiser Application Form must be submitted to the MSU Extension 4-H office two weeks prior to the event.

Housing Policy for overnight events

Logo & Disclaimer Requirements for Flyers & Other Publications

Logo requirements for 4-H publications have changed!  If you are designing a 4-H brochure, event flyer or other 4-H publication that will be distributed, the following items MUST be included:


  • MSU Extension logo
  • 4-H logo
  • Macomb County logo
  • Make Macomb Your Home logo
  • MSU Extension disclaimer

These items are required by Michigan State University Extension and Macomb County.  The Macomb County MSU Extension office can not approve or distribute materials without them. The logos and disclaimer are available through the Macomb County MSU Extension 4-H office.  Direct logo and disclaimer requests to Macomb.4h@macombgov.org or 586-469-6431.

Member Enrollment/Reenrollment Form

Use this form to register as a 4-H member in Macomb County.  By signing this form, members and parents are agreeing to abide by the 4-H Code of Conduct.

Member Recognition Pin Request Form

Member Record Book

Participation Fee Information

Program Participation Record

Funding for MSU Extension is based, in part, on the programs and activities in which our staff, volunteers and youth participate.  Clubs and committees should use this form as a sign-in sheet for each workshop or training your club or committee does that is educational in nature and falls within a project area.  Include events such as the 4-H Chinese Art Exchange, Macomb County 4-H Craft Workshop, K-9 Karnival, animal clinics, meetings with educational components, etc.  Return completed forms to MSU Extension - Macomb County, Attn:  4-H, 21885 Dunham Rd., Suite 12, Clinton Township, MI  48036

Project Books

Project books for Cat, Dogs and Pocket Pets can be found under animals (companion animals link) and goat project books can be found under animals (livestock link).

Scholarship Forms

Secretary Record Book

State Awards

Treasurer's Record Book

Treasurer's Report Form
This form is to be submitted to the Macomb County MSU Extension 4-H Office with the Secretary's Report and minutes after each club meeting.

Volunteer Enrollment Forms

Once the Volunteer Screening Process (VSP) has been completed, volunteers must submit completed 4-H Volunteer Enrollment and 4-H Volunteer Code of Conduct forms yearly.  Forms should be mailed to Macomb County MSU Extension, Attn: 4-H, 21885 Dunham Road, Suite 12, Clinton Township, MI  48036 or faxed to (586) 469-6948, Attn: 4-H.

Volunteer Selection Process

The Volunteer Selection Process consists of an application, interview, criminal record check, sexual registry check, three reference checks and an orientation. New volunteer orientations are typically held monthly. Please see the calendar for dates. Interested applicants please contact the MSUE Extension office at 586-469-6431 to register for the next orientation.

Adults interested in volunteering for 4-H programs need to complete the attached forms and mail to: Macomb MSU Extension 4-H, Volunteer Selection Process, 21885 Dunham Suite 12, Clinton Township, MI   48036 or bring to the new volunteer orientation.

(This form must be filled out by the General/Organizational leader or MSUE staff if a potential volunteer requests a Volunteer Application & Criminal Background check forms.  This information must be returned to MSU Extension Macomb County, Attn: 4-H Volunteer Screening Process, 21885 Dunham Road, Suite 12, Clinton Township MI, 48036.  Please keep a copy for your records)

Workshop Registration
You can now access information about and register for State 4-H workshops online.  Registrations will still be accepted traditionally by Macomb County MSU Extension, however, online registration is faster and recommended. Checks should be made out to MSU.


Our mission: Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) helps people improve their lives through an educational process that applies knowledge to critical issues, needs and opportunities.

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