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June 10, 2011

Carmella Sabaugh: 586-469-7939
Mark Hackel: 586-463-3523
Kathy D. Vosburg: 586-469-5125


Macomb County Clerk gets six "good government" awards, has 38 total

The National Association of Counties awarded six “good government” awards to Macomb
County Clerk / Register of Deeds Carmella Sabaugh and her staff. The achievement awards are
issued to nationally recognize county programs that enhance services, improve county management or promote intergovernmental coordination.


“I am proud of our unionized staff who worked with me to achieve these awards,” said Sabaugh.
“These awards show that despite severe budget cuts, our priority is good public service.”


Sabaugh cut 20 positions and $944,313 from her budget since 2008 while earning 17 national
achievement awards over the same time period.


“Carmella Sabaugh and her staff demonstrate that Macomb County government provides good
service and they help make our county a great place to do business,” said Macomb County Executive
Mark Hackel. “I congratulate Sabaugh and her staff.”


“As we work to make government more efficient, I admire Macomb County Clerk Carmella
Sabaugh's ability to continue providing many examples of good (government),” said Macomb County
Commission Chair Kathy D. Vosburg.


Sabaugh received “NaCo” awards for:

  • Making it easier for the public to follow the money, including searching by individual
    contributors and businesses, which discloses county and local candidates’ campaign finance reports in what has been called, “[T]he most transparent in Michigan for reporting county and local political money,” and “[A] model for other [Michigan] counties to follow.”
  • Creating an online register of deeds entry book, which has been called, “The single most
    important step undertaken by any register in the state to stem the tide of real estate fraud.”
  • Improving the quality of concealed pistol license permits and reducing the risk of fraud,
  • Using Google Checkout to streamline online credit card payments, making it easier for
    customers to pay.
  • Preserving history by providing text-searchable county Board of Commissioners minutes and
    resolutions online from 1924 to the present.
  • Creating online “how to” videos, explaining services to the public on her Website and Youtube channel, including such blockbusters as, “Your day at the Gun Board,” and “How to obtain a marriage license.”

Sabaugh has racked up 38 National Association of Counties Achievement Awards in her tenure
and created other innovative programs, including:

  • Launched a FastPass system letting customers make an appointment and skip the trip
  • Posts “naughty list” online of those that owe campaign finance violation fines.
  • Created a system to let candidates pay campaign finance fines online.
  • Uses competitive bids for election supplies; saved over $500,000.
  • Switched to Google Apps for Government E-mail and collaboration software.
  • Has evening hours Wednesdays, making sure people can get personal service if they cannot
    leave work to visit the clerk’s office during the day.
  • Gives pagers to waiting jurors to shop with most costs paid by local businesses.
  • Accepts credit card payments, making paying for services easier.
  • Provides overnight delivery service for vital records and court documents.
  • Allows concealed weapons permit applicants to check their permit status online.
  • Provides wireless Internet access for jurors waiting to be sent to a courtroom.
  • Offers a business name and death record lookups on the Internet.
  • Provides free library book delivery to jurors waiting to be picked for a trial.
  • Offers public real estate documents online.
  • Offers a mobile branch office bringing clerk’s services to local communities.
  • Provides free bus service to people summoned for jury duty.
  • Launched a toll-free 24-hour fax-on-demand system providing forms and info.
  • Helped start a Personal Protection Order Assistance Center to help victims of abuse.
  • Let’s high school students learn and earn by hiring them as election inspectors.

“My staff and I are working on some exciting projects for the future,” said Sabaugh.



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